Managing For High Quality Forages, Part 2

By Gary Zimmer

Bartlett Durand and Gary ZimmerRed Meat Market is an exciting blend of traditional, high-quality butcher shop offerings and the fast-paced, exciting world of social media. It’s a fun fusion of great taste and high tech. Nowhere else can graziers & gourmands or butchers & bloggers rub shoulders to share ideas and opinions, both online and on-site. We’re building a community of good people who produce & consume good meat and are united in their desire for a humane, sustainable, safe and localized food system that is better for the animals, the eaters, the environment and the economy. Join us.

Pig In Mud An exemplar of “good people” is none other Gary Zimmer, a renown organic farmer, farm educator, public speaker and author of two books: The Biological Farmer and Advancing Biological Farming. Gary is a pioneer of a special type of farming called ‘mineralized balanced agriculture,’ which inspires farmers to grow their own fertilizers, learn which fertilizers are best for their farm and employ farming practices that encourage beneficial organisms to thrive in the soil. His focus is on the soil as the source of nutrients for the entire food system. Gary understands the reasons why healthy soils produce healthy plants which, in turn, feed healthy livestock and ultimately healthy humans. Gary and his family raise Angus beef cattle and Berkshire hogs at Otter Creek Organic Farm in Avoca, Wisconsin.